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I have a favorite concubine. I'm proud of it.
15/11/2022, 23:40
Mensagem: #1
I have a favorite concubine. I'm proud of it.
Boss Huang and Huang Xiaohe immediately bowed down and pulled a man to leave. Huang Xiaojuan was in a hurry and could not care about anything. "General, do you like a person who disregards family affection and indifference?" Lu Heng could not bear to see someone slander Shuang'er. He got up and asked someone to catch Huang Xiaojuan. Shuang'er stopped Lu Heng and looked meaningfully at Huang, who looked frightened. "Sister is not sensible. Dad should know how to discipline her, right?" "Yes, yes, I'll take her back and discipline her well. Don't worry, Yuner. I won't let her talk nonsense." "That's it. She has such a temper. If she marries a daughter-in-law in the future, I'm afraid she won't get along well with her younger brother and sister." Shuang'er said in a faint voice. A woman came forward and blocked Huang Xiaojuan's mouth. The two men pulled Huang Xiaojuan out of the stone courtyard with their backhands. The Huang family took the silver and left. Heng is still angry, "Shuang Er saw Lu Heng with a black face and said with a smile," where does her temper use us? After going back, her life will certainly not be easy. " Lu Heng knew such a reason, but he just couldn't stand it. He planned to order Aoki to send them out of the capital today. There are too many new things in the capital, the appearance of the Huang family only took a bubble and disappeared, but the two families of Guogongfu and Anwangfu are still talked about by the people in the capital. Lu Miaohan was punished and sick, Shuang Er asked Lu Heng, sent Qingmei to send something, expressed her concern as a sister-in-law no longer care, listen to Qingmei said she was not treated with much courtesy there. Shuang'er was bored and counted the days,S Adenosyl Methionine, expecting the little guy to come out and let her pass the time. But Blue Pearl had a hard time. Her mother arranged her marriage again. In just a few days, she attended several banquets. Intentionally or unintentionally, she saw many well-dressed childs. Blue Pearl was very annoyed and dared not say anything about Guangping Emperor. She went to Guogongfu again and took her to choose. Emperor Guangping paid for all kinds of children's toys. Shuang'er stared at the two big boxes in front of him. Was it a little too much? He turned them over and even had nine links. How old could he play with them? "Why did you buy so much?" Shuang'er said angrily. It's not that I'm not good at needlework, so I have to send something. Blue Pearl looked around and didn't have the nerve to say so much because she and Guangping Emperor were so bored that they were afraid of being recognized by others and there were fewer places to go, so they could only buy more in these shops with fewer people. Shuang'er rolled her eyes and took out the spring shirt she had made when she was bored. Shuang'er's craftsmanship was good, and the flowers on it were vivid. From a distance, it looked like they were in full bloom. Blue Pearl looked at it fondly,Thyroid Powder Factory, then held it in her arms and said coquettishly, "I don't care. Shuang's craftsmanship is so good that you have to do it for me in the future, not just for Lu Heng." Shuang'er was happy to see the blue pearl, and she was also happy. She had few friends and cherished the blue pearl very much, so she always wanted to make clothes for her, but every time Lu Heng saw it, she was stared at. A suit of clothes that only needed a few days was made for a month or two, and it was not easy to make another suit in a short time. She also did not hide, "Ah Heng did not see the words to you to do." The implication is that if you are seen, you can't do it. Blue Pearl bared her teeth, and she knew, "Let him stay in the barracks outside the city all day, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and he won't see it." Shuang'er smiled, thinking that if Blue Pearl told a joke again, she would not know that she really had the ability. Lu Heng, who was training the army, yawned and rubbed the tip of his nose, wondering if he had caught a cold too late at night with Shuang'er. I don't know if someone had the idea of his wife. Fortunately, he had a good teammate. After Guangping Emperor heard this incredible request, he coaxed Blue Pearl and made up his mind to give Lu Heng more holidays and take good care of his wife. Shuang'er's belly is more than nine months old. A few days ago, the snow melted and she didn't go out. Today, Blue Pearl came. Shuang'er was rarely interested and wrapped round. They went out of the mountain and stone courtyard with a little kungfu. After a few days of sunshine, the snow had melted, and the winter depression was like an old man with a broken candle, with some indescribable depth. Lu Miaohan raised in bed for several days, and finally got up, but her face was still pale and her lips were bloodless, which was quite different from the way she used to hold her head high and her aura was wide open. Shuang'er was surprised to see her, and when she thought about it, she understood. Guogongye put the word out, that day was an accident, Anwangfu prince Qin Ning and Lu Miaohan did not have physical contact, another meaning of this is that the Lu family and Anwangfu will not be married. Although this is different from the previous rumors, but everyone's acceptance is very high, after all, if there is physical contact, the Lu family should grasp Qin Ning, this is a good son-in-law. People who know the truth also understand the reason why Lu Guogong did this. After getting rid of it, no matter whether you believe it or not, as long as there is Guogongfu, it is not difficult for Lu Miaohan to find a good family. Of course, the premise is that Lu Miaohan is willing to listen to Lu Guogong. Blue Pearl looked at the approaching Lu Miaohan and whispered to Shuang'er, "Your sister-in-law is really noisy." The author has something to say: I feel that there is an evil wind recently. From Chengdu to Chongqing, where is the next place? Chapter 91 I don't know if it was because of Guogongye's words, Lu Miaohan didn't bother Shuang'er, and even called his sister-in-law before he left. Two people are slightly stupefied, the blue pearl is surprised, "this Lu Miaohan is not to change sex?" "Maybe I've had a lot of experience and grown up." Shuang Er looked at Lu Miaohan's thin figure and said lightly. Fall into the water, no matter what the outside and Lu Guogong released, Qin Ning did not have any expression, it can be seen that he did not have any friendship for Lu Miaohan, for a childe, even for the sake of Lu Miaohan's reputation,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, will also come to propose marriage. Lu Miaohan's plan fell through in the end. Blue Pearl was not interested in Lu Miaohan at all. She said a few words and asked the maids to step back and whisper to her about Emperor Guangping. She had never told Shuang'er that the man was Emperor Guangping, and suddenly she said so, which startled Shuang'er.
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