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Eye of Heaven Life
15/11/2022, 23:25
Mensagem: #1
Eye of Heaven Life
At the repeated request of Secretary Wu and County Magistrate Pang, Commander Zhang pretended to be helpless and picked up the phone. At the same time, he muttered: "I really can't do anything about you. If it weren't for the difficulties you have just come here to take office, and we are friends, I really don't want to take care of these bad things.". At this time, Mu Guoxing was talking with Mu Congjun at home about the report that Mu Congjun had asked him to write about the peasants getting rid of poverty and becoming rich. Mu Congjun looked at his son appreciatively and said, "The report you drafted has both theory and practice. The day before yesterday, the premier called me after seeing the report and asked me who wrote the report.". Mu Guoxing asked nervously: "What did the premier say?" Mu Congjun patted his son on the shoulder: "You are still nervous. The premier said that this report is very good. It has changed the stereotyped style of officialdom in the past, especially for the construction of pilot units in different regions according to the different conditions of economic development. After gaining experience, it will be popularized. Among them, your proposal to use funds in many ways to adopt the joint-stock system to develop and strengthen the local economy is even more appreciated, and you also said that if there is a chance to see you. When Mu Guoxing heard this, his heart was as relaxed as putting down a huge stone. Thought: Although I use the function of opening the eye of heaven to see the future development of the country ahead of time, who can guarantee that the Prime Minister is the promoter of that direction of development! We should know that such an important matter concerning the national economy and the people's livelihood must be discussed collectively by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. If you meet a staunch opponent, you will run into the muzzle of the gun. It doesn't matter if he is a student, but if he affects his father's generation and his future career,gold heap leaching, he will lose more than he gains. It seems that we must be more careful in this respect in the future. What kind of national plan is a student to participate in! He who is not in his position does not seek his government. The old immortal grandpa is right. Be careful to open your eyes to heaven. If you follow the trend, you should keep it in mind. When the phone rang, Mu Congjun picked up the phone and listened to it twice and handed it to Mu Guoxing, saying, "It's for you.". Then he went back to his study. As soon as Mu Guoxing heard the voice of Commander Zhang, he knew that he must be calling about the winery again. Commander Zhang's hoarse voice came from the phone: "Mr. Mu,gold cil machine, what do you think? I'm really embarrassed about this. The secretary of the county party committee and the county magistrate said that the small winery must ask you to buy it, even if you pay a symbolic amount of money.". Anyway, please come over tomorrow and have a specific interview with them. Even if you give me a face, when Mu Guoxing heard Commander Zhang's words, he knew that the old fox must have listened to his uncle's words and used a lot of brains to buy the winery by all means. Otherwise, why does the second uncle want his own wine. Does Commander Zhang want to drink any more in the future. Mu Guoxing said to Commander Zhang, "Commander Zhang, since the Secretary of the county Party committee and the county magistrate are so sincere, for your sake, I will go there tomorrow.". But the time is a little later. Let's make it four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. I'll drive to find you. After answering the phone, Commander Zhang said to Secretary Wu and County Magistrate Pang, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, "Mr. Mu has promised to come to see you at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon.". It's none of my business, Lao Zhang, but I still suggest that you prepare for the negotiation when you go back. Once the contract is signed immediately, it will save a long time and many dreams. I won't keep you now. You can go to work. With a wave of his hand, he asked the guards to send them out. Commander Zhang hummed a ditty happily at this time, and the thing he did for the old leader finally had a beautiful result. Thinking about it, he picked up his glass and drank it again. "Lao Zhang, what are you so happy about?" Asked his wife. With a wave of his hand, Commander Zhang said, "Go, go, go! What are you doing with me? Stay where you are!" Chapter 41 love has no desire. The next morning, Mu Guoxing made a phone call to Zhong Ling, asking her to go with him to Commander Zhang this afternoon to talk about the purchase of the winery with the leaders of the suburban counties. Zhong Ling told Mu Guoxing regretfully that Grandpa asked her to go to the airport this afternoon to pick up a distant aunt working in Southwest China. Since I haven't seen her for many years, I'm afraid Grandpa won't be happy if I don't pick her up.
Mu Guoxing had to put down the phone after hearing this. After a while, Mu Guoxing heard the phone ring. It was Zhong Ling. Zhong Ling said to Mu Guoxing with a smile on the phone: "Brother Guoxing, Wu Yin has no classes in the afternoon. I have told her to accompany you. She is waiting for you at the school gate now. Go quickly and don't break the appointment." After hearing this, Mu Guoxing shook his head: Other people's girlfriends are deeply afraid of their boyfriends contacting other women, but this Zhong Ling supports her boyfriend to contact women. I really don't know what she is thinking in her little head. After receiving Wu Yin, Mu Guoxing drove to Commander Zhang. Wu Yin looked at Mu Guoxing for a while, looked ahead for a while, and then lowered his head and did not know what to think. His face was red and white for a while. When Mu Guoxing saw it, he asked with concern, "Yin Yin, what's wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable?" "No, brother Guoxing, I just think we've known each other for so long, and today is the first time we've been alone together, and it feels strange." Wu Yin said faintly. Mu Guoxing liked Wu Yin very much. Seeing her shy face, he joked, "Am I a big tiger? I'm afraid I'll eat you?" "I'm not afraid." . Where "Wu Yin accidentally almost said that you ate the words, suddenly a blush, the heart is like a deer in the collision.". The two of them talked and laughed all the way, but they were not lonely. In less than an hour, they arrived at Commander Zhang's residence. Commander Zhang was waiting there with the secretary and county magistrate of the suburban county. As soon as he saw Mu Guoxing coming, he was overjoyed and hurriedly greeted him. Commander Zhang introduced him one by one, but his eyes kept looking at Wu Yin,Portable gold trommel, thinking: This Mu Dashao is really a romantic kind. Female friends are so beautiful one by one, I do not know what kind of high incense the ancestors burned. When Mu Guoxing saw Commander Zhang looking at Wu Yin, he introduced to everyone: "This is the granddaughter of my teacher Wu Daozhi. Today I specially invited her to help me." 。
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