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medical equipment tracking solutions
18/04/2023, 23:01
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medical equipment tracking solutions
medical equipment tracking solutions Pharmaceutical real-time tracking solutions with temperature readers
XKtrack's humidity and temperature readers enable continuous real-time monitoring, tracking and uploading of temperature and humidity of goods in transit to ensure their quality.
Three challenges of pharmaceutical shipping:
1. Pharmaceuticals require strict cold chain transportation.
For cold chain transportation especially, which includes pharmaceuticals, it is particularly important to keep stable and controllable the temperature and humidity in the carriage during transportation. Over-standard temperature and humidity may affect the efficacy of medication and can pose serious risks to the health of users, which in a worst-case scenario could be fatal.
2. Traditional temperature and humidity readers cannot realize real-time monitoring of goods in transit.
Traditional temperature and humidity readers can only view in-transit data after transportation instead of realizing continuous real-time monitoring of the data, which does not allow for immediate intervention, thereby preventing the losses caused by over-standard temperature and humidity.
3. Unified transportation management remains difficult to be realized due to complex processes and links.
Cold chain transportation often involves multiple transportation segments using different resources and information systems, making it difficult to realize real-time tracking and unified management of the whole transportation process. It is also challenging to intervene and eliminate the environmental risks in the carriage in a timely fashion to prevent the risks of goods swapping and loss during transportation.
XKtrack solutions
1. Real-time tracking of each order
XKtrack is bound and shipped with goods, enabling real-time tracking of pharmaceuticals in each order. With triple tracking technology and 30-day ultra-long battery life. XKtrack allows the tracking and tracing of vaccines transported by land, air or sea from factory-to-customer, ensuring the safety of each link of pharmaceutical transportation.
2. Smart early alerts of exceptional stops
XKtrack enables real-time monitoring of vehicle speeds, automatic prediction of delivery time, and automatic early alerts on exceptional stops, helping enterprises to predict and intervene early in risks in transit. XKtrack can quickly trace the cause of multiple exceptional situations and the responsibility of losses. XKtrack takes targeted measures to improve the on-time delivery rate.
3. Temperature and humidity monitoring and unpacking alerts
XKtrack monitors and uploads the temperature and humidity data of goods in transit in a real-time, continuous and accurate way. XKtrack automatically makes judgements based on big data and algorithms, sending early alerts once any temperature and humidity fluctuation is outside set limits. XKtrack monitors the lighting level of the pharmaceuticals in real-time, sending immediate alerts on unauthorized unpacking. XKtrack automatically reports the location and duration of exceptional pharmaceutical exposure, to prevent the deterioration, swapping and loss of pharmaceuticals due to over-standard temperature and humidity, or unauthorized unpacking. medical equipment tracking solutions
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